Volkswagen eT! mail van follows its user down the road

The German Postal Service and Volkswagen have teamed up to bring forth a new concept in electric-powered mail delivery here in the eT! mail van, one that not only reduces the amount of fossil fuels the postal service in the country will use, but will be able to follow the mailman down the street should he need to call upon it to bring him a package. The models being shown this month include "come to me" and "follow me", these still in a sort of beta phase from what it appears, the technology still not perfected enough to make sure they vehicle doesn't clobber dogs and the mail carrier his or herself in the process.

This vehicle, currently called the eT!, has been shown at a few auto shows already in one form or another, the folks at Co.Exist noting that the've taken a spin in a Volkswagen with a similar technology embedded just last year. No vehicle from the auto group is quite ready for commercial production, but a quick peek at the van image above and below will let you know how close this model van is, at least. Mail people of America – this look like something you'd like to roll out in in the near future?

In addition to being able to be called forth by the user, this van can be controlled by a joystick in the passenger's seat for further convenience. Volkswagen's statement on the vehicle and its technology read in part:

"This makes unnecessary walking movements around the vehicle a thing of the past." – VW

Of course it's not really the "walking movements" that we're concerned about in regards to the future of the postal service as it exists here in the United States today, but its nice to know that VW has a concern for the knees of the German people at the moment. Look for these vehicles to make their way over the sea in the next few years if the Deutsch decide that we're worthy of such magic.

[via Co.Exist]