Volkswagen Bio-Bug Aims to Bring Biogas to the UK

Alternative fuels for cars are all the rage now-a-days. Well, they have been for awhile, but with vehicles like the Chevy Volt just about ready to hit the mainstream, well, we can see how the whole endeavor will follow suit soon after. Of course, when you start talking about biogas –which is fuel created from human waste–, you might begin to get people raising their eyebrows at you. But, Volkswagen doesn't care. They've created the first Bio-Bug, which runs on Biogas and gasoline.

Volkswagen are boasting that they've created the first vehicle to run on biogas, which hasn't lost any of its performance because of it. In fact, they automobile's designers are going as far as to say that their biogas-based Bio-Bug can "blow away" the electric-based competition. Apparently, consumers won't even notice the difference. As for the car itself, the Bio-Bug is a 2 liter VW convertible, which runs on both converted waste, and gasoline. AS with electric vehicles that take use of both powering options, when the biogas runs out, the gasoline engine will take over.

The company behind the Bio-Bug is based out of the UK, and called GENeco. They are a company focused on sustainable energy and its uses. Right now, the Bio-Bug is rolling around the UK in a trial period, but the company plans to build a whole lot more of the vehicles if their trial period goes well. Of course, they still have the huge leap of explaining biogas to consumers, and telling them they are driving on a bunch of human waste. That may be the tough part.

[via Inhabitat]