Volkswagen bik.e fits in the spare tire compartment of a car

VW has unveiled its first ever 2-wheel design at the Auto China 2010 show. The electric bicycle sans pedals is dubbed the bik.e and is powered by batteries. Is it just me, or does this thing look like the design was based on the Kool-Aid man's smile?

The bike is designed to fold down quickly and store away in the spare tire area of a car. Autoblog Green reports that it has been told the bik.e will actually be commercialized. The bike has a 12.5 mile range and has a top speed of 12.5 miles per hour.

VW wasn't clear on where the bike gets it power, but Autoblog Green presumes it gets juice from the car DC power system and the wall outlet. I can see this being something that people in crowded cities that have to park a long way from their destination might like.