VLC Media Player for Xbox One is finally happening

When I want to watch a video on my computer, there's really only one program that I open up. VLC is simple, and plays virtually any video format that I throw at it. Plus, I happen to be a fan of traffic cones. Unfortunately, my favorite media player isn't available on my Xbox One. But it sounds as thought that's going to change soon.

The group behind VLC has been relatively quiet about bringing the popular player to both Windows 10, and to the Xbox One. That's mostly because they weren't quite sure when they'd actually be able to get it up and running as a native Windows 10 app. However, today the have announced that they are putting their finishing touches on the UWP version of the program.

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The desktop version of their Windows 10 app will be going through a closed beta early next month, with a public release scheduled for mid-May. Windows 10 Mobile devices will be getting a public beta next week, with a full release in early May.

What's most interesting (to me) is the fact that they have officially confirmed that the app will be making its way to Xbox One. It makes perfect sense, being a UWP app and all. As it turns out, they've been trying to get VLC running on the Xbox One for a while, but have been running into various issues. However, the decided to go the route of building a UWP, and things have been going much more smoothly. They plan on releasing the app just as soon as Microsoft starts allowing developers to publish their UWP app on the console. This is slated to happen this summer.

Source: Fox Coding