VLC Android app gets Chromecast support, but only in beta

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 30, 2018, 8:09pm CST
VLC Android app gets Chromecast support, but only in beta

VLC, the beloved media app that can play just about any video or music format you throw at it, has finally received Chromecast support on Android. With this support, Android device users can stream local media content from their phone or tablet to a display with the Chromecast, arguably the easiest way to stream your own video files to a TV. The feature isn’t perfect, though.

VLC made a buggy launch on Android years ago, growing slowly but with spats of stagnation. The app received a big update for the first time in over a year back in October, and now it received another one this month, including the VLC for Android beta app.

If you’re a VLC beta user on Android, you’ll notice a new feature: Chromecast support. Users have been requesting that support for years, and though it’s not perfect, it’s finally available. You’ll need to grab VLC beta version 2.9 to use it, though.

As with all betas, the app still has bugs being worked out, and so you may run into issues at times when trying to use it or the Chromecast feature specifically. Assuming you have the app, you’ll notice the familiar Cast icon located in the upper corner that is found on other Cast-enabled apps.

Tap that icon and you’ll be prompted to select your Chromecast device; select the device and casting should start to your display as usual. Android Police reports that this casting feature seems to work for Internet-based content as well as content stored locally on the device, though the Internet streaming is said to be buggy.

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