Vizit wireless digital photo frame on sale March 23rd

We keep asking digital photo frame manufacturers to put cellular data connections into their displays, only very few of them seem to listen.  One prospect on the near horizon is the Vizit from Isabella Products, a 10.4-inch 800 x 600 touchscreen that can be left freestanding or wall-mounted, and which uses an integrated GSM/GPRS quadband modem to receive images emailed, shared from an online gallery or sent from a cameraphone.  Having been up for pre-order for a while now, we now know that Vizit will go on sale March 23rd.

The Vizit's connection is always-on and photos can not only be sent to the display but from it, too.  They go through the company's online gallery, which can be fed by direct uploads, RSS feeds or MMS messages from cellphones.  Only preset numbers and email addresses can send pictures through, so nothing untoward should frighten your grandmother when it pops up on-screen.

In fact, the only really scary thing is likely to be the price.  The Vizit frame itself is $279.99, but you'll also need to plump for a service plan which Isabella Products are yet to define.  Because of that, we can't see too many people picking up the Vizit.  It's obvious we should've been more specific: we want a firm to put together a cellular-enabled display with a user-accessible slot for a pre-paid SIM.