Vizio unveils cool VMB070 7-inch Edge Lit Razor LED portable TV

Vizio has pulled the wraps off a cool new portable TV for anyone who wants to be able to watch TV on the go. The set has a 7-inch screen that uses LED technology for the backlight. The resolution of the little portable screen is 800 x 480 and it's under an inch thick.

The set has an integrated antenna that folds away when not needed and it has an internal battery good for 3.5 hours per charge. The little set can also double as a digital picture frame when you aren't watching programs on it. The set also has Dolby Digital sound.

The VMB070 has a USB port for directly attaching flash drives with photos to view on the screen. The small set measures 8.2" x 5.75" x 0.75" and weighs under a pound. You can pick one up right now for $159.99 at Walmart or direct from Vizio.