Vizio Smart TVs show settlement information so you can claim your share

You often hear news of high-profile cases being settled with some large fines, including those that were filed by consumers as a class action lawsuits. You seldom here, however, about that settlement reaching affected consumers. In addition to having to file a claim, people have to first know they're even entitled to that part of the settlement. Fortunately, Vizio, which was probably required by law, is now displaying on its Smart TVs information on how users can grab a part of its spying settlement, which could amount to as much as $31.

In 2017, Vizio entered into a $2.2 million settlement with the FTC for spying on its users. It turned out that Smart TVs purchased between 2014 and 2017 not only tracked what owners watched without informing them, it also sold that data to advertisers. That wasn't enough for disgruntled customers, however, and in 2018, the company settled a class action suit for $17 million.

That money is now going to be distributed to some Vizio Smart TV owners, but not all of it, of course. After attorney's fees, court fees, and other fees, those who make a claim could be left with only $31 each, according to CordCutters. Presuming they even make a claim.

They have to stake a claim before April 29 this year to do so. And only if they bought the smart TV between February 1, 2014 and February 6, 2017. Beyond that date, Vizio has already rolled out a firmware update to undo the damage. You could ignore the settlement, of course, but not only will you not get paid, you also waive the right to sue the company for anything else related to that case.