Vivox Voice Chat Hugely Popular Among Gamers

Samia Perkins - Feb 16, 2011
Vivox Voice Chat Hugely Popular Among Gamers

Voice chat company Vivox has been able to find a great niche, gamers. According to Monty Sharma, vice president of product management and marketing at Vivox, they have been adding users at a rate of 2.5 million a month. And people are spending 3 billion minutes a month chatting while playing games online. Vivox is popular since it has been able to offer users a high quality solution that they don’t have to download seperately. The chat service is integrated into a number of games from companies like, IMVU, Runewalker Entertainment, and Just check out that graph…

Vivox announced today that it had 45 million users in 2010, up 150 percent from 18.5 million in 2009. Users can talk to each other on a kind of party line and plan out strategies for the game.

Vivox is expecting more growth in 2011, at least 100 percent, according to Sharma. Growth is likely to come from Sony PlayStation 3 players, since Vivox is now used on DC Universe Online.

Sharma predicted the company could grow at least 100 percent in 2011. Much of the growth this year could come from Sony PlayStation 3 players, Sharma said. One of the most recent popular games to use it is DC Universe Online. Vivox creates revenue through audio advertising and virtual goods. Sony Online Entertainment, CCP Games, Linden Lab, and Nexon use the service as well.

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