VivoPlay from Evado Filip hands-on

Here at Showstoppers 2013 during CES 2013, Evado Filip is showing off its new device called VivoPlay. The device has one very important goal: keep your children safe without suffocating them. Parents can link the VivoPlay to a companion iOS or Android app, keeping tabs on their child while letting them still be a kid.

There are a number of potentially life-saving features Evado Filip is focusing on with the VivoPlay. The first of the features is location, with the device being able to keep an eye on your child's location using GPS, GSM, and WiFi. Using those three technologies at once means that there's a better chance your child will be able to be found if they go missing, so naturally, it's a winning idea.

Parents will be able to designate five different numbers that can communicate with the VivoPlay, and outside of those, the device won't be able to contact anyone else. Children only need to push a single button to make a call, so if they ever need help, they won't need to go through menu after menu to make a call. Parents will also be able to send text messages up to 16 characters long to their child's VivoPlay, which is an added bonus.

One particularly nifty feature is the ability to create safe zones. If your child wanders outside of the safe zone you've designated, you'll be alerted with a text message, and in turn you'll be able to contact your child and see what's up. It's a very cool little device and it even comes with a built-in emergency feature that a child can use to get help quickly. The VivoPlay will be available soon, but while we wait for more details to come out of Evado Filip, be sure to check out our CES portal for all of our news from the show.