Vivitar announces new tablets for families at CES 2013

Vivitar announced at CES that it intends to release three different tablets this spring that are designed specifically for children and their families. One of the tablets is the XO Learning Tablet that the One Laptop per Child Association mentioned earlier this week at CES. That particular tablet will have curated educational content and support bilingual families.

The XO Learning Tablet will be offered at major US retailers starting with Walmart. The tablet has a seven-inch screen, runs the Android operating system, and is based on the new XO Learning System software. That software is a child centric learning program covering ages 3 to 12 that allows users to choose dreams that have to do with professions they can be when they grow up.

Vivitar also announced a new Camelio Tablet that will offer add-on personality kits. These personality kits will allow owners to customize the style of the seven-inch Android tablet using their favorite licensed characters. The tablet will be available with kits that have characters for elementary school kids all the way up to kids in the teen/tween stage.

The kits will include a tablet case along with a card that has a code that unlocks branded content such as wallpapers, widgets, music, and books. Each of these personality kits for the tablet will cost $20-$30 and feature superheroes and sports brands among other things. Vivitar will also launch a trio of seven-inch Android tablets that are branded with Hello Kitty, Barbie, and Monster High. The tablets will include branded home screens, wallpapers, photo editing, contacts, and other content.