Vivaldi browser gains Accordion Tabs and Command Chains

The Vivaldi browser has been updated for desktop and laptop computers, bringing the web browser to version 4.1, which is available for download now. The latest update allows users to expand groups with Accordion Tabs and run browser commands in sequence using a single shortcut. Users now have three different Tab Stack styles to choose from, including compact, two-level, or accordion.

With the new Accordion Tabs feature, tab groups can be expanded and minimized when active, keeping tabs at hand without overcrowding the Tab Bar. Using the new tab arrangement, users can expand and collapse a tab stack with a click adding a new dimension to Tab Management with the browser. Users do still have the option of Compact Stack view and the two-level tab stacking feature launched previously.

Two-level tab stacking shows Tabs in the stack when you click on a stack. That feature gives benefits of normal-sized tabs such as easier to read page titles, per-tab context menus, simple drag-and-drop, and others. However, Vivaldi says that users who prefer vertical screen space will find Accordion Tabs just right. The feature can be enabled in Settings – Tabs.

Command Chains is another new feature designed to perform command sequences quickly using a single click. The feature can be used to do things like open multiple websites and tile them via split-screen automatically. Users can choose from over 200 browser commands to build their shortcuts, workflows, and browser modes.

To start creating a new chain, users click on the plus icon. Then select actions like opening a new tab, the URL in a new tab, or set a periodic reload of that tab. Users can assign a custom name for the command. Users are allowed as many Command Chains as they want. They can be triggered from Quick Commands or assigned to a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture.