Vivaldi 4.0 browser brings significant changes with new beta features

Vivaldi says Vivaldi 4.0 is its most significant launch of the year, and the goal is to give users an alternative to Big Tech. The 4.0 update for the browser brings expansion of its integrated tools in the browser along with major additions, including Vivaldi Translate and beta versions of Vivaldi Mail, Calendar, and Feed Reader.

Vivaldi says that a growing movement of people around the globe is looking for a reliable and functional alternative to tools offered by tech giants like Google and others. Vivaldi aims to meet that demand and has a new expanded set of integrated features to give users more control over their data and workflow.

4.0 offers Translate on desktop and Android versions featuring an integrated privacy-friendly translation feature powered by Lingvanex that's hosted by Vivaldi. The key is that the translation feature keeps translations out of reach of Google and Microsoft. Version 4.0 also brings beta releases of Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader, and Vivaldi Calendar.

Mail Beta users can choose to use the new service with their existing mail and calendar services or set up accounts on or via third-party services like Fastmail. Vivaldi 4.0 is currently available for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and mobile devices and tablets that run Android 5 or higher.

The browser is also available for up-to-date Chromebooks and can be downloaded now. While the new tools are welcome, a browser that promises to put the user first could be the most appealing feature. Vivaldi has end-to-end encryption for Sync services and an integrated ad and tracker blocker. Vivaldi says one place data is often captured that users may be unaware of is via translation services. Since Vivaldi hosts its translation service on servers located in Iceland, no third-party servers are involved.