Vivaldi 1.2 browser adds mouse gestures

The Vivaldi web browser has been updated to version 1.2 and with that update comes new features. The new features include support for mouse gestures, new shortcuts, and new tab options. The biggest new feature is support for editable mouse gestures. This feature allows users to trace the path they want to use for the gesture with the mouse pointer and save that gesture.

Users can save the gesture and assign it to whatever they want the gesture to do from opening new tabs, to cloning tabs, or moving forward or backwards when surfing the web. Other mouse gestures are available as well. Another of the updates is changes to the Tab Page. This change allows the user to choose any web page as a starting point for a new tab. Users can also close multiple selected tabs with a keyboard shortcut.

The tab selection process also allows intelligent modifications to the contextual menu allowing users to apply any command to a whole group of tabs. Vivaldi 1.2 allows users to set a custom zoom level for each tab to allow viewing to be easier. Zoom range is expanded allowing users to zoom up to 500% of standard size or to make pages 20% of their original size.

New keyboard shortcuts have been added and the address field supports shortcuts. The browser has been updated graphically with a new Add Bookmark button animation, updated tree icons, and a new default document favicon. A new language has been added with Catalan bringing supported languages to 52.

"We are on a mission to make the most customizable web browser, because a browser that adapts to you will be the best browser for you," said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Vivaldi Technologies."Giving options isn't about adding on unnecessary things, it's about giving choice and control back to the user. That's why you can make your own mouse gestures, edit shortcuts, and generally build your own browser to work just the way you like it."

SOURCE: Vivaldi