Vivace multitouch portable music studio concept

Chris Davies - Apr 20, 2009, 9:39am CDT
Vivace multitouch portable music studio concept

Music workstations have been around for many years, but we’re yet to see something as slick as this Vivace concept.  Designed by Young-Shin Lee and Hae-Jin Jung, the Vivace is a clamshell touchscreen instrument and computer, which offers multi-function playback, recording and editing all in one device.

As with other notebook concepts we’ve seen, the Vivace swaps a traditional QWERTY keyboard for a full touchscreen.  In the Vivace’s case, however, this multitouch-capable panel is dedicated to music, with selectable samples and sounds, an equalizer and of course a piano keyboard with controls to flip through octaves.

Sadly it’s just a concept right now, meaning those looking for a portable music studio will probably still need to pack a separate laptop and controller keyboard.  The keys themselves might need some assistance too; the lack of differentiation and physical feedback could make playing them tricky.

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