Visualeyes Rayzer helps improve your vision while driving

Vincent Nguyen - Dec 13, 2007

Alright, now you are probably wondering why the picture of the BMW X-Series SUV? Look at the rear-view mirror, there they are, the pair of head-light looking things, those are the Rayzer lights.

They offer an even higher beam of light than your high beams, and they aren’t on all the time, they are wirelessly synched with your high beams, so only when you turn your brights on do these lights come on. And, if traffic approaches, they can automatically detect that and turn themselves off.

They claim they triple the area you can see, and that sounds about right, so, if you drive on dark, dank roads frequently where you use your high-beams a lot, you might consider these. Distribution starts next year, no word on price though.

Rayzer Triples Driving Visibility, Surprised Deers [via Gizmodo]

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