Visual Assist Dartboard Shows You Where to Throw the Dart

Evan Selleck - Oct 29, 2010
Visual Assist Dartboard Shows You Where to Throw the Dart

Dartboards are something of a national pastime for some people, and they’re a stalwart competitive sport in bars all across the world. So, what do you do when you want to get better? Sure, practice may make sense to some people, but what if you keep practicing and you just aren’t getting any better? That’s where the Visual Assist Dartboard comes into play.

There’s more to darts than to just keep throwing the little weapon into the center (the bulls eye) of the board. The point of the game is to actually get to zero first, before your competitor, and to do it exactly. So, if you’re not someone who can crunch numbers quickly, or while you’re busy trying to throw darts at a board, then this new dartboard will help you figure out your best game plan. The Visual Assist Dartboard will automatically keep track of the score, and will use implanted LEDs to show the thrower where, exactly, they should throw their next dart to get the best score possible.

But, while just helping players find the best place to throw their darts each game, it’s still an electronic dartboard, so there’s plenty of extras in there, too. The board comes with another game, too, called Treasure Hunt, which has players throwing darts at particular segments on the board until they find the buried treasure. And if you’re wondering, this electronic version of darts features safe darts, with soft tips. This dartboard is available right now, and it will only cost you $199.95.

[via OhGizmo!]

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