Vista Capable logo could result in class-action lawsuit

A while ago, Microsoft was under fire because of their Vista Capable logo. Several consumers felt the company mislead the public with the logo and attempted to sue them. And though that didn't work out, the case is gaining new life now that Judge Marsha Pechman is evaluating the case.

The case may now be able to move ahead with a decreased number of plaintiffs. The new group of plaintiffs include those that bought Vista Capable PCs (that turned out to not be capable of Aero Glass) and those that qualified for an XP to Vista upgrade.

The original complaint was filed in 2007 because people claimed Microsoft had knowingly lowered the requirements for the specs that would be listed on products with the Vista Capable logo, resulting in many people buying computers that couldn't actually run Vista properly. But now we'll just have to wait and see how this case moves ahead–if it does at all.

[via ComputerWorld]