Visor for Overwatch gives real-time performance feedback during matches

Perhaps more than ever, competitive multiplayer games are very popular at the moment. For some players, these competitive games aren't merely casual endeavors, as they strive to get better at the game with every match they play. A new AI-based utility called Visor might be able to help with that, as it looks to give real-time feedback during matches, thereby helping gamers improve their play on the spot.

For now, Visor only works with Overwatch, but the company's CEO and Co-Founder Ivan Zhou wrote in a Medium blog post today that it has been built "from the ground up to be flexible and game-agnostic." Visor uses machine learning and computer vision to analyze matches as they happen, which means that it doesn't need to rely on publisher APIs to work.

Visor is available for Overwatch in open beta today. On the in-match stat screen, you'll see a new overlay that tells you what your kills per minute, damage per minute, and deaths per minute are. When you're not looking at the stat screen, you'll see personalized alerts that offer tips for getting a leg up on the enemy team.

For instance, these alerts might tell you that your healers are dying too early in team fights, and therefore need more protection from the rest of your team. Other alerts might remind you to use your ultimate or tell you to be more aggressive because the enemy team is split. Essentially, they aim to give you relevant match information in real-time that you can use to your advantage.

Zhou says that Visor will analyze "even single frame of a game as it's happening," to produce these alerts and track personal stats, and that it'll even begin calibrating to the user after just their first match. It sounds like a handy tool to have, and with the $4.7 million in funding it just secured, it may not be long before we see Visor come to other games. If you want to give it a try for yourself, you can download the client from Visor's website today.