Vision Mercedes Simplex is a futuristic retro concept

Mercedes has unveiled a design concept called the Vision Mercedes Simplex at Design Essentials 2019. The automaker says that the concept is a "sculpture embodying the heritage and future of the luxury brand." The design of the concept is meant to remind of the 1901 Mercedes 35 PS racing car that set the racing world on its head that year at a racetrack that ran from Nice to La Turbie.The Vision Mercedes Simplex is meant to recall that historic event and the spirit that led to the development of the car. The concept brings the styling characteristics of that car into the 21st century. The vehicle is a two-seater with freestanding wheels, an alternative drive, and "exciting user interface."

The coloring of the vehicle where it changes from white in the front to black in the rear is reminiscent of the 1901 racing car. The radiator has a frame that is in rose gold, meant to remind of the bronze grille from the 1901 car. The concept has no windscreen just as the original racer was designed.

The rear of the concept has a leather bag that rounds off the tail end of the car and is meant to link the design to the historic vehicle that had a similar bag on the back. Mercedes drew inspiration for the steering column and switches on the instrument panel from motorcycles and nautical design.

Details of the car are meant to be high-end with links to the fashion world with accessories like high-quality openers for storage compartments and the bench seat inspired by furniture. The seat is covered in blue upholstery, and the UI/UX design is Mercedes' vision of digital luxury. The driver sees only the information they need in their driving situation.