Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill arrives for pre-order

Coming as result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Virtuix Omni gaming treadmill is now available for pre-order. When that Kickstarter campaign launched it was describing the Omni as being a device that would let the user "move naturally and freely in virtual worlds" which in turn would let users "get full immersed" in their favorite games. Well, as of today those who missed out on the Kickstarter can now move forward with a pre-order.

The Virtuix website has two options available with pricing sitting at $499 or $1,019. These prices apply respectively to the Natural Motion Interface and Duel Package. Neither of these include shipping and it looks like that will be determined at shipping time. Both of these packages have an estimated delivery time of March 2014.

Beginning first with the Natural Motion Interface package for $499 and we find the following being included; one Virtuix Omni natural motion interface platform, one support harness, one pair of shoes and the tracking software and hardware. The Dual Package, as the name would imply is set more for those looking to game with friends.

Those opting for the Duel Package for $1,019 can expect two Virtuix Omni natural motion interface platforms, two support harnesses, three pairs of shoes and the tracking software and hardware. While these packages both include items you will need to get up and running on the Virtuix Omni, it should also be made clear that there is more to this setup.

A few notable items that aren't included is a PC, game controller or Oculus Rift. Otherwise, looking back to the Kickstarter campaign and this was another that came with great success. Or more specifically, it was one that saw pledges well over the goal amount. The campaign closed with 3,249 backers and a total of $1.109,351. The initial goal was $150,000.

VIA: Joystiq