Virgin Media tests 200Mbps DOCSIS broadband in UK

A lot of talk is going around today about Internet connection speeds and networks, have you noticed? And Virgin Media is not one to be left out, so they've started up a trial in Ashford, UK that will be testing the fastest cable Internet service. Ever.

The service uses DOCSIS 3 cable modem standard and will be offered to 100 testers only during this trial. But here's the kicker: the test speed is supposedly 200Mbps! Oh, how I would love to be one of those lucky 100. If I used Virgin Media. And if I lived in the UK. But I digress.

The fastest service in the US currently is Optimum Online but it is only capable of 101Mbps. So, a handful of people in the UK are currently getting double the speed US broadband customers get. I'm jealous. Apparently, the speeds are fast enough to stream HD and 3D video. The trial will last for six months, but it's unclear if this super-fast connection speed will be available to a broader audience upon the test's completion.