Virgin America is first airline to offer Wi-Fi on all flights

Virgin America announced today that their airline is the first to offer Wi-Fi on every single one of its flights. That's pretty impressive and will make traveling a much more productive period for most people.

People that are flying to and from several cities including San Diego, San Francisco, LA, Boston, Las Vegas and Washington, DC will be able to use this Wi-Fi service while in the air. Only after the flight is cleared for electronics use, of course.

The service started on flights only between New York and San Francisco, but this expansion is a big step in the right direction. The service is run by Gogo and offers several pricing options. If you have a computer, you'll be charged $6 for brief night flights, $10 for short day flights and $13 for any flight that lasts longer than three hours. iPhone and other handset users can expect to pay an $8 flat rate.