Violin Memory rumored to have acquired GridIron Systems

Rumor has it that Violin Memory has acquired GridIron Systems, with the information coming from unnamed individuals who are said to be familiar with the situation. According to the folks at AllThingsD, the acquisition will be officially announced on Monday, January the 21 sans any financial details about the deal.

Violin Memory manufactures enterprise-level storage arrays, while GridIron Systems, founded in 2007, tasks itself with helping "organizations remove performance bottlenecks in their data centers." There aren't any details about the acquisition aside from the tip that it happened and is pending announcement, and that Violin Memory nabbed about 20 GridIron employees in the process.

A few days ago, Scality's Head of Product Strategy Philippe Nicolas had stated that an acquisition happened, and estimated that it took place for between $200 million and $300 million; we won't know one way or the other, according to the sources, who say that the financial details will not be provided on Monday during the announcement.

Back in 2010, Violin Memory acquired Gear6, and later on in October 2012, the company filed for an initial public offering under an act that keeps the SEC filings out of the public eye. Stay tuned to Slashgear – we'll be keeping an eye out on Monday for the announcement, and will be sure to snag the details when it happens.

[via AllThingsD]