Vintage Appliance Timers from Homade

About a year ago I came across one of the items from this line, however, what I didn't realize is that there are four other gadgets from the same line. All five are from Homade, the same people who made the Lego MP3 player.

All of the little gadgets are made to look like retro kitchen appliances. The stove, blender and washer are all timers for your oven or stove. Each one goes off in a different way, for example the washer will vibrate and show bubbles to get your attention. The refrigerator is not only a timer but a radio as well. The controls for it are inside of the refrigerator only visible when you open the door.

Finally there is the iron, it's a timer, a radio and also can be hooked up to your MP3 player to play your favorite tunes while you work. The hookup to plug into your MP3 player is the 3rd and smaller prong on the cord. The prices for all five range from $17-19.99.

[via chipchick]