Vine update improves search with top posts option

Vine has pushed out an update for its iOS app (and will be doing so soon for its Android app) that improves one's ability to search for content. It is a relatively small update, but it brings with it increased ways to find content that might be relevant to your query — or that maybe just happens to catch your eye while searching for something else. The change comes to the "Explore" tab, where users can search for whatever and get a look at the top and/or recent posts from relevant feeds.

That update arrived on Vine for iOS today, brining it to version 3.4.0. Searches can be made by hitting the magnifying glass and then typing a query. Android users will be seeing it soon, says Vine, but there are no details on when exactly 'soon' is.

In case you missed it, Apple announced yesterday during its WWDC 2015 keynote that Apple Watch users will be able to watch Vine videos (and other videos in general) on their smartwatch with watchOS 2.0, demonstrating the functionality on stage.

Vine has, as expected, received various improvements to its functionality and features over past months. Back in late March, for example, it introduced support for looping 720p resolution videos. Following that in April, Vine also introduced more expansive sharing features, allowing Vines to be shared to multiple sources at once. More in the timeline below.

SOURCE: Vine Blog