Vine update adds needed features for Android

Unlike Hyperlapse, Vine is giving Android some attention. An update rolling in today brings some iOS features with it, like the ability to choose videos from your device, and edit multiple videos down to a six-second clip. All in all, the update should make you want to use Vine much more.

The six-second social site is one that has a lot of promise, but has been slow for users to latch onto. If you've not used Vine, the premise is simple. You take a six-second video, upload it, and it loops. It's like a prolonged GIF, except you make it. think Twitter, except for Video.

The update's biggest selling point is its ability to access your camera roll. From there, you can take a video and trim a six-second clip out, or mix-and-mash. Now those videos where someone falls, and you turn the phone around to catch your reaction can be edited to six-second clips.

If you screw one up, no worry. You can undo your last step, and re-edit as needed. For Vine users, this is a great update. Those who haven't found much use for Vine before today may want to re-visit the app to see if anything grabs their attention.

Source: Google Play