Vine released for Xbox One, doesn't open

This is certainly a strange app release if ever there was one. The generally mobile app Vine has been released for Xbox One. That's before a dedicated Vine app has been released for OS X, before a dedicated app has been released for Windows. Vine has been released for Windows Phone, however, as well as iOS and Android. And you can gain access to Vine content via a web browser if you do so choose. That means basically every device has Vine now.

But why Xbox One, why now? Because Microsoft is fully conscious of the position it's put itself in with their living room entertainment angle. The Xbox One isn't just about games. It's an entertainment device. And what better way to keep your attention than with seconds-long clips that repeat?

NOTE: Vine appears to be having some issues with opening here at launch – stay tuned as we figure out what's up.

The Vine app is free and allows you to browse Vine content with great ease on Xbox One. You cannot upload video, nor can you record it. You can only view.

Will this change in the future? Probably not. While Twitter could have fit Vine for the camera in the Kinect, the amount of people that'd use it is far smaller than the amount of people that actually have the device. And that's not massive.

It's also important that Vine be on as many devices as possible to maintain their brand dominance. As Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook have made clear several times over – if you're everywhere, people will use you.