Vine for Android set to capitalize on iPhone envy

Chris Burns - Apr 25, 2013
Vine for Android set to capitalize on iPhone envy

The Twitter-owned image looping experience known as Vine has let it be known that they’ll be moving beyond the limits of the iPhone and will be coming to Android soon. Though the idea that this app experience would only be available on one operating system may seem outdated, analysts have likened it to keeping a line outside a nightclub – if you feel it’s important enough to wait for, you’ll use it.

A similar tactic has been used for the recent release of the iOS-friendly Gmail app “Mailbox”. This app saw thousands of sign-ups in a very short period earlier this year as they kept a virtual line going to keep users waiting for their turn to activate the app they’d downloaded. They recently opened that door, presumably after interest had begun to simmer.


Vine on the other hand is an app that’s already generated a large amount of interest in both positive and negative PR events. When Vine launched, it was an app that only worked on the iPhone. Soon after launch, the developers behind Vine showed a web browser homepage for every single user onboard. Soon after that, Vine embedding began.

Here nearer the Summer of 2013 it would appear that the Android release of the Vine mobile app is close. Having spoken with The Verge earlier this week, news that they’ll be bringing their Android app to the market was joined by a “soon” timeframe and note that they’ll be adding features along the way.

Below you’ll find additional information on Vine as it expands beyond its original iPhone home, perhaps even to the iPad sooner than later! For now it’s time to start up your Android device with a camera, whatever that may be.

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