Vimeo finally turns on 4K streaming for all users

JC Torres - Dec 4, 2015, 3:30am CST
Vimeo finally turns on 4K streaming for all users

The age of 4K content is probably finally coming to pass. Although the number of 4K content still pales in comparison to HD and Full HD videos, everyone involved in the industry seem to be making a concerted effort to change that situation. From TV (and at least one phone) makers to content creators to streaming services, everyone’s getting the 4K fever. The latest to do so is Vimeo, whose support for 4K content has been rolling out piecemeal. Now it’s finally rolling out to everyone at large.

It is almost exactly a year ago when Vimeo enabled uploading 4K content to its on-demand video streaming service. Back then, however, it was limited only to its paying subscribers. In addition, that same uploaded 4K content couldn’t be streamed from the service at first, only allowing direct downloads of such videos. Doesn’t make much sense for a video streaming site right?

Vimeo justifies that initial limitation as well as the long wait to both technical as well as business reasons. Back then, there really wasn’t much demand for 4K content to justify Vimeo allocating no small amount of its resources to support streaming such high quality, and therefore bandwidth consuming, content. It also gave Vimeo time to solve that last part, to optimize its hardware and software in order to scale to future demand.

Both reasons seem to have become moot for Vimeo now as it has started the rollout of 4K video streaming to everyone and every supported device or platform. That means the web, Android, iOS, Amazon TV, as well as Roku. The same is also true for 4K video uploading. But like any new feature, however, rollout is in staggered stages and might not arrive all at the same time for everyone.

VIA: The Next Web

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