Vimeo announces “Looks” feature that adds visual filters to video

Craig Lloyd - Feb 28, 2013
Vimeo announces “Looks” feature that adds visual filters to video

The one thing that everyone loves about Instagram is its huge selection of visual filters that you can apply to your photos. However, Vimeo is looking to be the Instagram of videos in a way, by introducing “Looks,” a new feature that allows videographers of all kinds to add visual effects to their videos to give them just the right touch.

In partnership with Vivoom, Vimeo has introduced over 500 visual effects to its video service as part of its “Enhancer” toolbox, which will give creative types the freedom to spice up their videos just a tad in order to give it that spice that they’ve been looking for. After all, most videos on Vimeo are a bit more on the elegant side than those found on YouTube.

Everything can be done directly within the web browser, and users are able to preview each effect in realtime before hitting the “Apply” button, which is a nice feature to have considering that it’s rather annoying applying filters to videos and waiting for it to render before you can see what it looks like.

There are pages and pages and filters to choose from, so Vimeo was kind enough to categorize filters by genre and mood to help you pick the right one quickly and easily. They even recommend a handful of filters that are either popular or Vimeo’s own favorites. Vimeo can even choose an effect automatically “based on technical analysis of the user’s video and social data,” making it sort of an “I’m Feeling Lucky” scenario. “Looks” will be rolling out to users within 90 days.

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