Viliv S5, X70EX and S7 arrive at Best Buy

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Tempted by Viliv's range of MIDs and convertible netbooks, but wary of ordering sight-unseen from importers online?  That's all set to change this week, with the announcement that select Viliv devices will be showing up in Best Buy Mobile stores.  The range will include the Viliv S5 and Viliv X70EX MIDs and the 7-inch S7 convertible touchscreen netbook.

It's a decent selection, and reviewers have generally been positive about the Viliv line-up.  One of the more frequently repeated criticisms of tablet PCs, MIDs and UMPCs is that, since they never reached mainstream retail, would-be users never knew what they were missing out on.  With prices kicking off at $549 for the S5 (the X70EX starts at $879 and the S7 at $579) it's not going to be an impulse purchase, perhaps, but the touchscreen functionality might sway a few people who were previously considering a netbook.

[via jkOnTheRun]