Viliv S5 gets unboxed, compared to VAIO P & Compal MID

Since we're still waiting to hear when the Viliv S5 MID will land in Europe or the US, our unboxing joy will have to be achieved vicariously through photoshoots like UMPC Fever's.  They've managed to score one of the 4.8-inch touchscreen handhelds, and have photos not only of the unboxing but of the GUI, accessories and even a few group shots with the Sony VAIO P and what looks to be Compal's MID.

Size-wise, the S5 is very similar to the rival MID, being a little thicker (but having a larger battery).  It's considerably smaller in all but thickness to the VAIO P; something to remember is that both the Compal and the Sony have integrated QWERTY keyboards, something the Viliv does not.

It's also good to see that Viliv haven't locked users into their "Cube" GUI: the Windows XP desktop is a button-tap away.  They've also added a translucent on-screen keyboard, similar to that Microsoft provided with the original Origami UMPC pack, though without the curved layout.  We'll have to wait and see how usable that is.  UMPC Fever are promising full benchmarks and more on the Viliv S5 MID; until then, head over there for more images.