Viliv S10 Convertible Tablet Showcased and Touched, A lot

We're fans of videos 'round these parts, especially when they go to ridiculous lengths to show off a certain products coolest features. You can thank Chippy from UMPCPortal, where he goes above and beyond the call of duty, and brings you a 14 minute video starting from the machine's unboxing, to a segment where he starts to scribble. Scribble, and scribble. Like we said, we like when a reviewer showcases the coolest features. Chippy was lucky enough to get a pre-production model, but it is one of the final samples before the start of final production.

The S10 Blade is shipping with the Windows Aero feature running, but the reviewer wants everyone to know that turning this feature off may be the best bet, as it's a resource hog if left on. But on the other side of the coin, Chippy seems pretty pleased with the S10 so far. The build quality is nice, the SSD is very fast (with some great application start times), and the 3G reception is top-notch.

Overall, even if this model is a pre-production version, the Viliv s10 seems to be a winner. Of course, there still needs to be some extensive testing done on the finished version, but from what we can see right now, the company is on the right path. Especially if that $699 starting price point holds true. Then again, for the features and the price at the top of the ladder, you could probably find better things to buy when the time comes.

[via UMPCPortal]