Vigil Head Says Wii U = PS3, Xbox 360

Nintendo's Wii U is on par with the current high-def consoles, the PS3 and the Xbox 360. So says Marvin Donald of Vigil. Being technologically inferior is a problem Nintendo has faced since the days of the Gamecube. While there were many games that third party publishers released on all three platforms back then – PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube – there were many more that only launched on PS2 and Xbox.

The same thing is happening in the current generation. However, in an interview with Swedish website GameReactor, Donald said of the Wii U, "The hardware is more powerful and it will have some extra features that I think will actually be useful to people playing the game. With its controller, [the Wii U version of Darksiders II] might be the best version of the game." The problem, of course, is that the Xbox 720 and possibly the PS4 are on the horizon, and who knows how much further they will push the envelope?

Nintendo has always struggled with gaining a lot of support from external publishers. On the flip side of that, all it takes is a good Mario game, a good Pokemon game, and a good Zelda game to many any system profitable. Nintendo franchises have that power on their own. It has admittedly caused Nintendo to be short-sighted in multiple occasions, and many fear the Wii U will fall into that same trap. But perhaps the company is starting to realize what it takes to be competitive in this advanced market these days.

[via VG247]