Viewpad 10 crashes tablet party with Atom N550 in tow

If you are into tablets that run Android at all you probably are aware of the Viewpad 10 from the first time we talked about it back in November 2010. The little tablet surfaced with an Atom N450 CPU and Android as the OS. If you like the style and idea of that tablet but found yourself wishing that it ran Windows and had more CPU oomph you will like the version that has now surfaced.

The Viewpad 10 has turned up with the same profile and most of the same specs save a few key changes. These changes include an upgrade to a dual-core N550 CPU and the little fact that the machine now runs Windows Home Premium. It also gets 2GB of RAM.

Apparently, the little tablet only weighs 0.85kg making it the lightest Atom N550 computer in the world. According to UMPCPortal, machines using the hardware combo the Viewpad 10 with Windows runs are good for 720p video playback and light H.264 editing if you are so inclined. The Viewpad 10 with the N550 and Windows is said to be hitting the EU in the next four weeks at a price under 500 Euros. There is no word on a version coming to the US at this point.