Vietnam Sets Strictest Curfew On Video Game Playing

Back in April, South Korea placed cutoff times for online gaming from the hours of midnight to 6 am because of worries of gaming addiction. Vietnam is following South Korea's lead and is instituting an even stricter curfew–blocking off an extra two hours–from 10 pm to 8 am. They're playing hardball from the get-go. The government will start the curfew on March 3rd.

The curfew will block ISPs from online gaming access and the Vietnamese government says any business or organizations violating the gaming curfew will be dealt with swiftly. Deputy Minister Le Nam Thang says, "Provincial departments of information and communication will inspect on-line games activities nationwide and deal with organizations that violate regulations by canceling their services."

Vietnam hopes the measures will stem the gaming addiction in teens and young adults and hope that the youth will find something more productive to do. However, creative and persistent gamers will likely find ways of getting past these government restrictions.

[via Switched]