Videos of Helio Fin in Action

Helio released a series of new features with the Fin including HelioUP, Helio H.O.T. (Helio On Top), and Garmin Mobile. Below are videos of Helio H.O.T. first and then HelioUP. Then I threw in a video of the Media Player in action. comes pre-installed, and Helio H.O.T. and the Garmin Mobile app both have to be downloaded, the Media Player is also already on the Helio Fin. Using HelioUp is so simple, all you have to do is take the picture or make the video and then a button pops up for the right soft button that is the HelioUP button. Hit that button and a Java app launches that gets some basic info, like whether you want it set to private or public, a file name, and tags and then you just hit go and it starts uploading which takes no time at all on the speedy 3G connection. H.O.T. is easy to download, just go to Apps and there is already a link in there to download it. Hit the link, follow the prompts to download it and then it boots up and you are on your way. After you install H.O.T. there is a scrolling bar of RSS news on the main page of your Helio Fin. Click on any of those stories and the RSS reader is automatically brought up. Helio H.O.T. comes preloaded with several great RSS feeds already including all of the RSS feeds from Yahoo!. Adding more is always and option, and can be done through your account on media player just kicks in whenever you select some sort of media to play, its really that simple. Its not really a new feature, just felt like grabbing a clip of it for those that had never seen it before. The video is also a pretty good example of the speaker sound quality from the Helio Fin.