Video shows why iOS 8 photography will be awesome

As Developers get their hands on the iOS 8 beta build, we start to see tidbits of what will make the new iPhone OS cool. With the iPhone 6, we've ehard the actual camera hardware won't be different from the current iPhone 5S model's, which was a bit of a let down. the video below, though, alleviates a lot of that furrowed brow frustration.

What you see is someone who has their hands on the iOS 8 beta, running us through the new camera software. That might sound a touch boring, but when you start getting into just what Apple is packing in, it starts to get a lot more interesting. The best smartphone camera around is about to get something that amounts to manual control.

A time burst mode gives you native time-lapse photography, and manual exposure will bring a level of customization to mobile photography not seen before. After you focus a shot, you can adjust the light intake via a pop-up slider. These aren't after-shot settings, either — these are done ahead of snapping the pic.

Finally, a burst mode lets us set a timer before the camera automatically takes a series of photos. Granted, there are apps that accomplish these functions, but none that do it all — and so seamlessly. Even if the hardware doesn't get better, Apple's iOS 8 software brings a lot of new functionality to the camera.