Video of Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360

As promised in my earlier post, I have some video footage of my brother Eric and I rocking out to Guitar Hero II 360-style. I will say that my love affair with the new controller has come to a very short end. At first it felt awesome, but with my big hands, I tend to hit some of the extra buttons every time I try to use my whammy bar. Has anyone else had this issue? selected Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo for our first Co-Op performance and we were pleased with how much fun it was to play. For those of you wondering, the video is of our second run through, and I'm the one on the left playing bass. My brother Eric is on the right playing lead.There are plenty of other new tracks to be played, but sadly we could only pick one. If you guys want to see some more footage of us rocking the new 360 songs let me know, and I'll be happy to upload some more videos.