Video from Russia shows dust devil turning into a fire tornado

There's no shortage of entertaining videos from Russia, and while most of them involve balls of fire shooting through the sky, this one is a bit different: a dust devil made its way over to an open flame and transformed into a fire tornado. Thanks to a witness who was quick with their camera, the entire process was caught on video (vertically, that is, but it works well in this case).

The video was recently posted by Storyful on its YouTube page, where it simply attributes it to 'Anonymous.' According to the video description, the dust devil formed on a Russian gas field where an open flame was present on one of the pipes. The dust devil — which was pretty big to start with — made its way over to the fire, eventually encasing it.

The results are predicable — the fire was pulled up into the swirling wind, forming a twisting funnel of fire. After seemingly playing with the fire for a minute, the dust devil eventually backs off, going from clear and flaming to dusty and huge. It's quite satisfying, and even better that no one was hurt.

If you found this video interesting, there are many more from Russia to enjoy, most of them from dash cams. There is, for example, the bright blue fireball that was spied traveling through Siberia; it is thought to have been ball lightening. Similarly bright and blue was a meteor caught on video back in 2014, that itself following a massive meteorite that, sadly, injured hundreds of people in Russia.