Bright blue fireball caught creeping in Siberia

Siberia, the home of mysterious giant craters and frequent meteor strikes, has presented the world with yet another mystery: a bright blue fireball hovering over and slowly moving across the ground (or near to it). The individual recording the event believes it to be ball lightening, which is rarely seen and even more rarely caught on video. It doesn't appear any experts have weighed in on the matter yet, however, and the public has some other theories.

The video was captured by a local man who was staying at his country house; it is, unfortunately, quite shaky due to having the zoom turned up and the operator standing on a brick to see over the fence. It's still clear, though, that the fireball moves slowly rather than staying in one place, and that at least the fringes of it are tinged blue.

The fireball was spotted in Siberia's Novosibirsk region. The Siberian Times translated the man's statements into English, explaining that he says the fireball is "fireball lightening" and that it's the first time he has ever seen it in person. Some armchair sleuths have claimed otherwise, speculating that it may be some kind of electrical issue or other things.

It's the first time we've seen a blue fireball surface from a Russian video, but certainly not the first time we've see fireball videos from the nation. Most of the time they're of the fast and bright red variety, though on occasion they're more mysterious, seemingly lasting longer than ordinary meteors or being spotted originating from near the ground.

SOURCE: The Siberian Times