Video's from Apple's Media Event Last Week

As most of you already knew, our own Vincent Nguyen was at the Apple show last week where a whole slew of software upgrades, the new iMac, the new keyboard, the upgraded Mac Mini, and the Gigabit Airport Extreme were all announced/released. Well, it just so happens that still pictures aren't the only thing Mr. Nguyen is good at, he can take videos too.Waiting To Enter too terribly interesting with two exceptions, first the Q&A session, I don't know if it is the entire segment or just a 4:19 long clip of it, but it has some useful information in it. The second exception is the video of the new iMac and keyboard, it gives you a better mental picture of what they look like and their comparative sizes.Q&A have decided to summarize the above video for those without the luxury of broadband internet. So below are the key points from this video:

  • Current Mac owners are the best marketing force ever for two reasons
  • They tell all their friends and family how great it is, they are proud of their Macs
  • Their friends and family see it, and become jealous and/or ask questions
  • Don't participate in the Intel Inside sticker program for the following reasons
  • They like theirs better [the Apple Stickers]
  • Everyone who would buy a new Mac already knows they are using Intel Chips
  • They don't want their customers to have to remove stickers from their products.
  • 2/3 of Apple's products are in the notebook side
  • iMac is the desktop of choice from Apple, for the consumer, prosumer, and professional.
  • Desktops are still a viable market for Apple for the following reasons
  • They don't require batteries or miniaturization
  • iMacs offer bigger screens and bigger HDD's
  • Better and faster equipment than notebooks, generally
  • No one is requesting 24" notebooks either.
  • Inside the Presentation Room, Pre-Presentation and Keyboard Keyboard