Video: Big Mac withstands molten copper like a boss

People get a kick out of leaving McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets sitting out for months, marveling at the lack of expected rot and degradation. That's old news. Molten copper is all the rage right now, and some industrious fellow has been pouring it on various items and recording the resulting fallout. Latest on the chopping (pouring?) block was a Big Mac, but the molten copper merely rolled off its buns. Literally.

YouTube user "Tito4re" has been pouring molten copper onto different items, and the results are usually interesting — flames, splattering, oozing. When it comes to the Big Mac, though, the results are surprising — the copper mostly splatters and rolls off the sandwich, forming a hot layer around it. The bun eventually blackens and the meat sizzles, but the method seems more like a flashy reheating option than a way to bring destruction.

Pouring the copper doesn't work so well, so he takes the buns and meat off and places it directly onto the copper. It gets crispy, as you'd expect, and does blacken in due time — truth be told, though, it mostly seems to make that sandwich appear tastier.

By the two-minute mark, the sandwich was looking pretty blackened, save for the pickles which apparently have some anti-heat charm — they never did lose their pale green color. After a while, he throws water on it all and calls it a day. Big Macs aren't the only durable substance out there, of course — check out how much damage this hockey puck can take.