Victorian wind-up steampunk laptop

I'm not really sure where steampunk originated, but not to long ago, the idea seemed to explode, with all sorts of people making crazy-cool steampunk mods. This wind-up laptop mod has got to be my favorite one to date.

The idea behind this steampunk laptop was to make it look similar to a Victorian music box. I can certainly see the resemblance. The innards aren't anything to write home about, it's just an HP ZT1000 laptop running Windows XP and Ubuntu. The beauty is in the details. From the claw feet to the engraved brass accents to the leather wrist pads, this is one beautiful mod.

My favorite part about this laptop is how you turn it on. You see that fancy key lying there? It is inserted in a hole just below the keyboard, you just give it a few good cranks, then the PC comes to life. Very awesome!

Wind-up steampunk laptop [via make]