Viber brings free text and VoIP calls to iPhone and Android

If you are a user of the iPhone or an Android smartphone there is a new app out that will let you text and call pals using VoIP for free. The app is called Viber. Obviously, you need some sort of data plan or access to a WiFi network for the app to function. The app will operate on WiFi and 3G networks. That means you can make free VoIP calls to anyone while you have a 3G connection. The calls will use your data allowance though.

The really cool part about this app is that everything about it is free. The app is free to download and it works for any calls anywhere in the world. You might be thinking the app is flooded with ads if it's all free, but it's not. You don't even have to enter a PIN, username or make in-app purchases.

If you send tons of texts and do not want to pay for unlimited texting this might be the perfect app. The person you text or call does need the app too. Viber noted that it would soon come to Blackberry devices as well.

[via Android Community]