VibeOnKey app gives your buttons a little shake

The advantage of having keys on the screen is that you have some feedback when pressing them does make something happen. While you can actually feel physical button presses, they don't always come with that assurance. There might be times when you want to have the same vibration feedback on your hardware keys. There might also be times you want them to give an even stronger feedback. For those times, the VibeOnKey app delivers such functionality with minimum fuss and cost on your phone's hardware.

Just a word of caution. The VibeOnKey app has to use Android's accessibility features in order to intercept those button presses and trigger the appropriate vibration or sound feedback. Given the latest news about the Cloak & Dagger vulnerabilities that exploit accessibility features, this might be a bit worrying. However, the app developer promises that the app doesn't do anything malicious and the fact that it is on Google Play Store does offer some level of credibility. Still, be forewarned.

If you do decide to take the risk, you will be welcomed by a couple of features to enhanced your button pressing experience. In addition to simply getting you phone to vibrate on each button press, you can also set the force of the vibration. You can even assign a sound to it to complete the circle.

Since it simply uses Android's built-in accessibility features, the VibeOnKey doesn't need root access to work. It will, however, require Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. It is promised to be lightweight and battery-efficient. That is, unless it inspires you to treat your phone's buttons like a gamepad's.


Download: VibeOnKey