ViacomCBS streaming service wants a piece of an already crowded market

The video streaming market has proven to be a very lucrative business and Disney's entry into the arena proved that Netflix's position isn't as secure as many thought. Now anyone and everyone with enough properties and money will try to topple the streaming king. That's exactly what the combined kingdoms of Viacom and CBS may try to do with a new streaming service that could see the shuffling of content around and create a more confusing landscape.

This ViacomCBS service, which still has no name, is definitely late to the party. The most recent attendees include AT&T's HBO Max and, of course, Disney+. The latter's astronomic rise in three months may have inspired others to follow in its footsteps in the hopes that their numerous channels and properties would be enough.

CBS is definitely no stranger to the streaming market with CBS All Access. The $10 ad-free subscription service has reportedly amassed 10 million subscribers, at least together with Showtime. The service has been notable for is live sports channels as well as, more recently, the new Star Trek: Picard series.

Viacom's strategy, on the other hand, has been to spread its assets to different and smaller distribution services. Those include kid-focused Nickelodeon and PlutoTV. Viacom also has untapped resources, like Paramount Pictures, which may become one unique part of the service, streaming old films for both old and new generations of viewers.

Strangely enough, this newly merged streaming service won't actually yank existing services out of the market and into the ViacomCBS fold. Instead, the new service will offer one place to get them all without having to subscribe to separate services. The still-unnamed service will also offer different tiers ranging from paid but ad-supported, ad-free, and premium with Showtime added on top.