VIA Pico-ITX EPIA P700 motherboard for low-profile installs

Chris Davies - Jun 27, 2008, 12:17pm CDT

VIA have done a little extra shaving and come up with their latest Pico-ITX motherboard, the EPIA P700.  By replacing the traditional ports with in-line I/O header pins, there’s been enough room for VIA to include an integrated power adaptor, while still keeping the whole thing down to just 10cm x 7.2cm.  Accessory boards add normal ports, or you can simply wire up whichever connections you need.

VIA Pico-ITX EPIA P700Onboard there’s a choice of 1GHz VIA C7 or fanless 500MHz VIA Eden ULV processors, based on the VIA VX700 unified digital media IGP chipset with 2D/3D AGP graphics and video decoding acceleration for WMV and MPEG-2/4 video through the VIA UniChrome Pro II IGP graphics core.  There’s also native S-ATA II support, Gigabit LAN, and support for GPIO, SM bus and LPC devices.  An integrated +12V DC 2-pin power jack and lock (which also includes a 5V S-SATA power cable) helps keep the final system small.

Capable of eight channel digital surround sound, the P700 comes complete with the two accessory boards.  While the P700-A board features an RJ45 port, a VGA port and a COM port, the P700-B offers four USB ports and three audio jacks. 

The VIA Pico-ITX EPIA P700 board is available to developers now.

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