VIA Eden ULV - The 1-Watt CPU

In recent times the focus of chip makers has shifted from raw performance to a harmony between power consumption and performance. VIA has just announced the most power efficient x86 processor currently being produced.

While the VIA Eden ULV isn't going to blow you away with its performance, it will amaze you with its low 1-Watt of power consumption. The chip runs at a decent 500MHz and doesn't produce enough heat to require a fan for cooling. What is really amazing is that when idling it only uses 0.1-Watt of power.

When paired with VIA's CX700/M chipset you can potentially have a system that only draws a total of 3.5 Watts, not including storage devices. With a storage device an entire system wouldn't likely exceed 10 watts of power. No word on when we'll be seeing these chips hit the market.

VIA Announces 1-Watt x86 CPU  [via dailytech]